Sunday, September 30, 2012

Big Boy Bed!

Yesterday we went out and bought you a big boy bed.  It is super cute with your two favorites-a cat and a dog-on the headboard.  When I asked you if you wanted blue or white, you said very clearly "ummm, blue". and even said it again when I asked a second time.  (We had already picked blue, so it's a good thing you agreed!) My plan was to give you a very slow transition, thinking that you are still pretty young to move out of your crib and that you may like the safety of sleeping in your crib.  I was planning to do a few weeks of story time in your bed, followed by a few weeks of just naps, then slowly move to night time in the bed.  This all went out the window when we saw how excited you were about your new bed.  We didn't know how you would do but decided to let you try to sleep in it last night.  We knew that your crib was still right there if you decided you weren't ready.  We moved all of the questionable furniture out of your room and put a gate outside your door so that you couldn't escape.  We were prepared for a long night.  You did AWESOME!  You had a bit of a rough time settling down at first (but the past few nights have been rough for you either way), but once you fell asleep you were fine.  You didn't try to get out of bed a single time.  We think that you may have hit your head on the guard rail at one point, but that was about all of the excitement that happened.  You are still sleeping soundly in your big comfy bed and I am astounded that my sweet baby boy has gotten so mature.
One thing that your dad and I love about your new bed is that we can snuggle with you in there.  It is more comfortable now than the glider, and we liked being able to sit with you in your bed to read books, and lay down with you to help you settle down.

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